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Your Website Company is a website design specialist company based in the Northwest, bringing the best expertise and designers all under one roof.

We have business web design clients all over the UK  all the way down in Cornwall and in the major cities: Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and London.

We are a dedicated contracting web design and development company. We have spent a lot of time getting great results on the web and our growth has led to better knowledge about design and responsive design, practice, web technologies, social media marketing, search engine optimisation and e-commerce shopping cart websites.

We offer other services such as pay-per-click (PPC), content management systems (CMS), website hosting, logo and leaflet design and we also manage your Google AdWords.

We have a team of qualified designers and offer tailor-made packages to suit any business and that’s why we deserve to be Your Website Company

It doesn’t matter whether you are a one man band or a huge blue chip company, we cater for everyone’s business needs.


Great websites at very competitive and affordable prices to suit everyone’s budget; whether you are a small business or a big blue chip company, we cater for all.

Our Services

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What impression does your website give? It doesn’t matter what you’re offering, it’s how it is presented.

A website can make or break a business, especially if you are selling products online.
Your website should be seen as your most important asset, so if you want one that looks professional, attracts customers and makes sales then the good news is that here at Your Website Company we have the experienced website designers with the creativity, experience and know-how to get the job done for you and produce the website you want.

When looking for a website design company to create your perfect website, you should look for a number of factors. The quality of the website designers is the first thing, but you also want to find a firm which has high-quality developers, IT personnel and web-marketing staff, as well as lots of experience designing websites for other companies.
Your company is unique, and your website should be unique as well. Forget about free templates when it comes to your company website because with these you have to fit in your requirements around a framework which is simply not flexible enough.

One site fits all with responsive web design. Make your website look great on all platforms. Build a responsive website today and be the competition of tomorrow.

Mobile responsive web design is no longer just important. It is becoming critical.
You can’t have failed to notice just how many people seem to live on their mobile phones or tablets. Ever since the iPhone and then the iPad, the way we use the internet has changed too.
With the number of web searches now performed on mobile devices continually increasing, you don’t get much of a choice as to whether your website is mobile friendly or not. The choice is simply to turn your back on over 40% of all website visitors or ensure your website is mobile friendly. So what does that actually mean?
Websites have typically been built for higher and higher resolution screens that are all landscape (as opposed to portrait) screen shapes. Then with the emergence of various shaped mobile devices, that have lower ‘resolutions’, things changed. If your website hasn’t, it will hopefully load ok, but it will be squashed and to view your site, a user will need to stretch and slide around the page just to read what you want to say to them.

The whole experience is ‘clunky’ and causes users to move away from your site and straight over to your mobile friendly competitor. We see it time and time again on websites where the ‘time spent on site’ is massively reduced for mobile users using a non-mobile friendly website. This is why responsive web design is so important.

If that wasn’t enough, Google recognise the importance of having a mobile website to the extent that they even penalise websites that do not have a responsive design. Put simply, if your website is not mobile friendly, you would be right in thinking the whole world is against you (well, your website to be more realistic!). But don’t worry, we can help and it doesn’t have to be a major headache.
We can either ‘mobilise’ your existing website, without any input needed from you, or we can build a brand new responsive design for you and either carry across your existing content or provide an opportunity for you to reconsider your existing pages. Either way, you will be helping your website to do its job in turning visitors into customers.

Are you here? There are more than 500 million active users on Facebook and 175 million on Twitter. Make your business a social business.

Everybody needs a sense of belonging, to feel an empathy with like minded people.
Everyone, in some way or another, is looking for a group to belong to and that gives them a sense of community. Your customers feel this way too.
Turn those connections with your customers into strong bonds and create an army of loyal followers who tell everybody they know just how great you actually are.

There are so many people on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn that these days it’s simply a must that your business can be found here.
Not only does it build trust but it opens direct communication with the people who matter. Respond to feedback, both good and bad and engage with new audiences.
We are experts at social media marketing. By using a combination of organic and paid strategies we can laser target the people you are trying to attract. By understanding your audience we can help you build a community who love your business.

Do your customers shop online? Turn your visitors into purchasers and keep your business relevant in an evolving marketplace.

We have used a number of different e-commerce platforms, including Magento, Prestashop, and WooCommerce, so we can recommend the best system based on the requirements. Each of these platforms is feature rich and gives online merchants complete power over their site.
Using the inbuilt reporting tools and Google Analytics, you can easily analyse the behaviour of your customers, and then optimise the site to achieve better results. There are a huge number of promotional tools such as coupons, customer groups, time periods and much more.

Sometimes we get asked to build something a little different to a standard eCommerce site. That’s where our bespoke development skills come in. From custom rental systems or bespoke quote builder tools, we’ve got the skills in-house to create the perfect solution for you.
We’ll pay extra attention to the key pages on your site such as your basket and checkout to make sure that your site converts as many sales as possible. Small increases in your conversion rate can put thousands on your bottom line.

It’s not just search engine ranking; we focus on strategies that will make you money.

Have you been in business for years and still do not have the traffic to your website that you would like? This is a common problem for many people. It can be exceptionally frustrating to attempt to make your website more visible and see almost no increase in your results.
If you are reading this article, then you are probably at the end of your idea list and wondering what could possibly be done for your website now? Do not despair; there are ways to be able to get your website noticed.
What you are looking for your website is something that is called search engine optimisation (SEO). Our employees are experts at being able to provide you with SEO that will get you ranked on the first page of Google or another search engine such as Yahoo or Bing. When you have good quality SEO on your website, it will increase your business exponentially.
Some of you are probably sitting at your computer thinking, “Search engine what?” Search engine optimisation (SEO) refers to the process that improves the ranking in which your website appears on a search engine such as Google. This has to deal with the “organic” search results that come up naturally due to the content of your website in relation to what is being typed into the search bar.

It is a general rule that sites, that are higher in the results, will get more traffic, which means more business. Your goal of search engine optimisation (SEO) is to make the first page of Google. However, this can differ, depending on what sort of topic your website is on. If it is on a general subject that many other websites will have, this will take a lot of work and a hardworking team like ours. However, if you have a specific niche site, this will be a lot easier. You will also get better results.
Linking is another important part of SEO. Your page is ranked out of ten, and this is based on how many inbound and outbound links you have on your website. The more of these links you have, the more trustworthy all search engines will find you.
This will make them more willing to put them on the first page, which will help you get more traffic and ultimately more business. Hiring professionals like us, to do your search engine optimisation (SEO) content, is the best for you and your business. You will be more likely to get on the first page if you let us help.

A creative symbol of your business; mark your presence in a meaningful way.

Here at Your Website Company we operate a simple and transparent price per concept structure for our logos.
All packages come with a 48 hour turnaround and unlimited changes.
Your logo files can be made available in all formats you could possibly require including .jpg, .png, .pdf so it will be fully scalable and can be used anywhere.

A well-crafted logo is one of the most effective forms of marketing you can invest in, memorable, professional and unique.
Based on your brief and our own research into your market we will provide you with a wide and diverse selection of logos.
Using your feedback and our experience, designs are improved and refined at each stage of the design process.

PPC can be the most effective form of advertising. Get instant leads for your business.

The basic idea behind pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is that in exchange for prioritising your links or giving them special placement on the page, you will be charged a small amount by Google for every person who clicks on the link.
The amount you pay is based on a bidding system, with people who bid more paying a higher amount in exchange for their content being more likely to be shown. More popular keywords tend to result in higher prices, for obvious reasons.

Managing your Google Ad-words can be a huge chore. In order to stay fresh and improve your page ranking your keywords must be as effective as possible.
Let us lessen the burden and see your ranking soar, with the help of our qualified team of professional SEO and Google analytic experts we can ensure your keywords are reaching their intended audience.

Wish you had more time to implement the changes to your website? We maintain your website, while you focus on your business.

We take all the weight off your shoulders so you can breathe easier and focus on your business, not on making regular (and often tedious) website updates.
We’re fast.
We’re efficient.
We’re exceedingly organised.


Enhancing your website’s design.
Functionality troubleshooting.
Adding new functionality.
Adding new pages or sections to your website.
Making individual updates on an as-needed basis.


Send us your updates via email or on the phone.
Receive a prompt confirmation from us.
Find an email from us confirming work completion.

Note: website updating work requires a 1/2 hour minimum.

  • 12 Months Website Hosting
  • Storage -3GB
  • Monthly Bandwidth – 3GB Free
  • Domain Names – 1
  • Business Emails – 5
  • Cpanel
  • 24/7 Support
  • 12 Months Website Hosting
  • Storage – 5GB
  • Monthly Bandwidth – 5GB
  • Free Domain Names – 3
  • Business Emails – 10
  • Cpanel
  • 24/7 Support
  • 12 Months Website Hosting
  • Storage – Unlimited
  • Monthly Bandwidth – Unlimited
  • Free Domain Names – 5
  • Business Emails – Unlimited
  • Cpanel
  • 24/7 Support
  • E-commerce Ready

Our process comes in 5 simple and effective stages with the aim to make your experience into the world wide web pleasant and one you’ll never forget.


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Google Testimonial from ESB Motorcycles

Excellent service-very pleased with our new site and superb backup.

– Alan Smallshaw

Google Testimonial from apc stairlifts

From the outset ‘Your Website Company’ gained our trust and we were very keen to work with a young, vibrant and local business. Once engaged with our ideas YWC were able to recreate and bring to life our existing website. During the process we called upon them many times for advice and assistance and they never failed to deliver, very accommodating and always quick to respond. With their industry expertise and forward thinking approach, apc stairlifts are now able to promote its growing business and confidently compete in the mobility market.

– Andrew Crooks



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